Our new gastronomy bar – Rakovaya na Petrogradke - is further expanding the Rakovaya network originating from Moscow.

The network already includes the Rakovaya na Tishinke, Rakovaya na Usachyova, Rakovaya na Taganke and more. The concept was developed by the network owner Evgeny Nichipuruk — an experienced Moscow restauranteur, event producer and agency owner, as well as writer. As Evgeny says, Rakovaya na Petrogradke , will be keeping the standards of the network, in consideration of St. Petersburg’s distinctive air.

A laconic design; rustic furniture made of oak, metal and leather; legendary red lamps; and some bright detail, inevitable at Rakovaya bars, will make the new shop an exclusive place of arts.

The distinctive feature of the new bar’s cuisine is crawfish, as fairly suggested by the bar’s name. Visitors will be offered 17 crawfish recipes, five types of Black-Sea mussels, fried crusian carps covered with mousse of fried onion and potatoes; goatfish; Alaska king crab; pickled milk-mushroom tartare; and a lot more.

The Chief is Anton Shirokov who began his career at Kokoko and Farengheit and has grown to Brand Chief with Rakovaya Gastronomy Bars.

Many recipes of ours have long been known to chiefs across the world, yet we try to interpret these ideas in a new and interesting way. Certainly, crawfish is a distinguished and beloved snack to accompany bear! Currently, we’ve got 17 types of crawfish meals, this is the leading section in the menu. Each of our Moscow shops monthly eats more than 1.5 tons of this delicious food” says Yevgeny Nichipuruk. ”I hope, St.Petersburg will no less appreciate our crawfish.”