On November 24, the third establishment of the chain of Rakovaya gastronomic bars has opened its doors.

Rakovaya on Tishinka and Rakovaya to Usacheva have become the favorite establishments of the most fastidious fans of beer and crayfish. Lovers of delicacies can add Rakovaya on Taganka to this list.  This cozy establishment for 70 seats is conveniently located in a separate building with large windows on Krasnokholmskaya Naberezhnaya 1/3.

The interior of the bar is executed in the Rakovaya corporate style, which sticks in one’s memory from the first visit. And, of course, with the mandatory art-piece of the whole chain – a still-life painting by one of the famous contemporary artists.

Maestro Stanislav Tracevsky has presented his masterpiece to the gastronomic bar Rakovaya on Taganka, who has designed, for example, the StandArt hotel.  The artist continued the theme of Cosmomorye started by a diptych in the bar at Usacheva. Now Taganka is adorned with a spicy painting The Girl on the Crayfish.

The main highlight of the establishment will be a real and functional show kitchen – the first show kitchen in the chain. From here, you can see a dazzling view of the romantically lit bridge across the Moscow River and the grandiose building of the Moscow International Performing Arts Centre.

It was agreed to leave the menu the same as in the other Rakovayas – it was a stunning success with the guests. But the bar menu has changed. Leaving the hit lagers, the chief barman added a little more craft and complex varieties of beer. In total, there are 18 taps of draught beer and more than 200 types of bottled beer in the bar.

We remind you that the hits of the cuisine are, of course, crayfish, which are cooked here even in eleven variations! Other specialties which are ideal snacks for beer:

  • magic fried crucian carp with mousse of roast potatoes, delicious as in childhood, just boneless;
  • the most fragrant and juicy Magadan shrimps;
  • light baked potatoes with smoked sour cream and crayfish tails; 
  • the most delicate tartare of pickled milk-caps; 
  • crunchy popcorn of crayfish tails and much, much more.