"Rakovaya na Tishinke" is a gastronomical bar with Russian nature

In the historical center of Moscow, a crayfish bar has been opened which sets a new trend of bar format – the beer gastronomy in Russian traditions.

Gastronomic traditions of southern cities of Russia with their famous crayfish bars served as the inspiration for creating “Rakovaya na Tishinke”. Therefore, this river delicacy became a mono-grocery basis for the menu of the new gastronomical bar. A distinctive feature of “Rakovaya na Tishinke” is the use of predominantly local products, while the dish recipes are a modern interpretation of old Russian recipes.

Anton Shirokov, a young promising chef, is responsible for the “Rakovaya na Tishinke” kitchen. The menu includes 122 beer varieties from Europe and Russia. The main snack is crayfish, which one can taste in different interpretations: sharp in adjika, in beer, classic, fried, in three peppers, firm with apples, and with honey. A portion weighing 1 kilogram costs from 2000 rubles, half of the portion – from 1000 rubles.

In addition to crayfish, the menu includes a specialty burger with a juicy 100% marble beef cutlet served with prune sauce, fried suluguni and carrot chips (410 rub.). A special pride of our gastronomical bar is the Black Sea mussels (990 rub. per kilogram). For meat lovers, “Rakovaya na Tishinke” offers to taste Steak of the day (1250 rub.) and duck breast with lentils and smoked plum (490 rub.). The menu also includes veggie chips (350 rub.), tartare of pickled milk-caps (350 rub.), popcorn of crayfish tails (650 rub.) and much more.

The interior of the gastronomical bar is made in light colors. The main accent in the design is a diptych painting “Harmony” by the artist Vyacheslav Ereschuk, painted in the style of “new Russian lubok.” The bar is suitable both for having dinner with a group and watching sporting events, as well as for small events.