"Rakovaya na Usacheva" is a gastronomical bar with Russian nature

June 23, 2017 was the opening of the gastronomical bar “Rakovaya na Usacheva” – a new project from the creators of “Rakovaya na Tishinke”.

Since the opening of the first restaurant on Tishinskaya Ploshchad, six months have passed and on June 23 the creators pleased the beer and crayfish lovers with a new place that can host even more guests. A large bright hall for 130 seats, a lot of screens for viewing sporting events, huge kitchen facilities allowing making a more extensive menu and a bar stand with 27 taps of draft beer can all be appreciated by the visitors of Rakovaya na Usacheva.

The basic menu is the same as on Tishinka, with the addition of ten new interesting positions, for which the chef of the chain is responsible – Anton Shirokov. The menu includes more than 200 varieties of beer from Europe and Russia. The main dish is, of course, crayfish, which one can taste in different interpretations: sharp in adjika, in beer, classic, fried, firm with apples and honey. A portion of crayfish weighing 1 kilogram costs from 2000 rubles, half of the portion – from 1000 rubles.

In addition to crayfish, the menu includes a specialty burger with a juicy 100% marble beef cutlet served with prune sauce, fried suluguni and carrot chips (410 rub.). A special pride of our gastronomical bar is the Black Sea mussels (990 rub. per kilogram). For meat lovers, “Rakovaya na Tishinke” offers to taste Steak of the day (1250 rub.) and duck breast with lentils and smoked plum (490 rub.). The menu also includes veggie chips (350 rub.), tartare of pickled milk-caps (350 rub.), popcorn of crayfish tails (650 rub.) and much more.

The main accent in the interior is a diptych painting by Stanislav Tratsevskiy, the famous Russian artist who, for example, designed the “StandArt” hotel.

He not only paints on canvas and works in the genre of fresco, but also tessellates and is the designer of interiors of elite private residences of Russia and Europe.

“The success of “Rakovaya na Tishinke” was not long in coming – now the table needs to be booked in a few days before, and as a result, we open a new space that can accommodate more lovers of delicious beer and crayfish,” – says the owner of the gastronomical bars, businessman and writer Yevgeny Nichipuruk.