gastro bars “Rakovaya”

Chain of gastro bars “Rakovaya” presents a unique for Russia format of Russian beer gastronomy.
Russian culinary traditions are re-created here and the dishes are made according to old recipes. Moreover they appear in a new vision of Russian and Soviet favorite dishes, which traditionally are served with beer.

“Rakovaya” is a great example of local food and drink promotion.
This can confirm the fact that head chef of “Rakovaya” Anton Shirokov was representing Russia on international contest SLOW FOOD and at INTERNATIONAL FOOD SHOW in Changu (China) and has become a winner among other 49 chefs and countries.

We cook with local products and create interesting tastes and recipes according to Russian traditions.
In 2018 our chain was awarded as the best restaurant concept in the nominee “ Choice of Restoranoman ” on the Restaurant Palm Fest.

Our bestseller is crayfish, which we cook in 22 different ways.

Also we have a list of best dishes from the chef, which are:

  • Fresh and juicy Magadan shrimps
  • Milk mushroom tartar
  • Mussels in 6 options of cooking
  • Boneless Crucian without bones, with mousse of fried potatoes and onions
  • Crispy shrimp popcorn
    and many other dishes.

The best pairing for crayfish is certainly, beer. In our chain we have over 200 types of unique beer from all over the world.
The modern interior of gastro bars “Rakovaya” is calm and brutal. Its atmosphere is ascetic on purpose, as the cuisine and guests play the most important role.
It is perfect for relaxing and enjoying seafood and beer.
Every bar of the chain has a unique piece of art which is made specially for the place by modern artists. On these paintings you can see another world, where crayfish in the main character, which brings another artistic realty to each bar.

Chain of gastro bars “Rakovaya” can be named as sight of two capitals as it also invites guests in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow.

Choice of mussels 0,5 kg /1 kg
₽ 1250 / 2300
Cream/thyme; tomato/basil; white wine/garlic/provance herbs; garlic sour cream; tom–yum


Cream/thyme; tomato/basil; white wine/garlic/provance herbs; garlic sour cream; tom–yum

Crispy crucian carp with mousse of roast potatoes and salad of quick-pickled cucumbers
₽ 950
Fried Black sea red mullet
₽ 1350
Magadan shrimp 0,5 kg / 1 kg
₽ 1750 / 3400
Crayfish 0,5 kg / 1 kg
₽ 2650 / 4900